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The Post Pesach Blues

Firstly, welcome back to school after what I hope was a restful and fun-filled break. I imagine everyone had their own unique Pesach celebrations. Mine took place on the other side of the world in Bali, Indonesia for what was a particularly memorable Pesach Seder with my sister’s family, who are overseas for the year. Even though we stuck to our not-so-traditional regular Haggadah
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Better Together: Reflecting on the Grade Six Shabbaton 2018

Friday February 16th to Sunday February 18th, the Grade Six students of RJDS began their adventure. The students from Edmonton Talmud Torah arrived at RJDS directly from the airport with their teacher. We met each other, ate a quick breakfast, and departed for Loon Lake in Maple Ridge. Surprise! We arrived into a snowy winter wonderland. Our bus almost didn’t make it into the
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The Tzedakah Allowance Project has been launched at RJDS!

What is the Tzedakah Project, you ask? It is to “foster a vibrant community of people who celebrate, value and act on the importance of giving Tzedakah by creating rewarding charitable experiences resulting in more money going to Jewish charities.” Ariel Lewinski and Judy Boxer-Zack provided an introduction a few weeks ago and grade six and seven students participated in a survey to start
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D’var Torah : Beshalach

In this week’s Parasha, Beshalach, the Israelite people finally begin their journey to freedom. They cross the Sea of Reeds. The very famous “Shirat HaYam” – “Song of the Sea” is sung as they begin the crossing with Miriam the Prophet, Moses’ sister, in the lead.   This is a very powerful story on many levels. The Song of the Sea has endured in our siddur (prayer book)
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D’var Torah: Vayeitzeh B’resheet 28:10-32:3

At the very beginning of this week’s Parashah, Jacob, our third forefather, runs away from his home to Haran, his mother Rebekah’s birthplace. Along the way, he falls asleep and has a dream of angels ascending and descending a ladder – the famous “Jacob’s Ladder” story. Though he seems to stumble upon this holy place, this chance rendezvous with God changed Jewish destiny. Jacob
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U.N. Ambassadors visit Richmond’s Highway to Heaven

Sukaina Jaffer, Vice Principal of the Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy and Lisa Romalis, Vice Principal of Richmond Jewish Day School, stood up together and spoke about their student’s common activities.          India Cultural Centre of Canada (ICCC) Gurdwara Nanak Niwas, 8600 #5 Road in Richmond, BC was honoured to host eleven United Nations Ambassadors on Monday, November 13. These diplomats represented Finland,
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Dvar Torah: Lech L’cha Bereshit 12:1 – 17:27

What journeys have you taken? Where have they led you? How have they changed and influenced your life?   This week’s Parashah (Torah portion) Lech L’cha is all about life changing journeys and is often translated as “Go!” or “Leave!”   Our patriarch, Avraham, makes his first appearance in the Torah in Lech L’cha.  He is directed by God to leave his home and family in order to
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