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As we approach the final days of the school year, we begin to pack and prepare for summer break. It won’t be long before the school routines of a new school year are again before us. It has been a busy year of daily life for both work and school. RJDS staff spend many additional hours volunteering to enhance the educational opportunities for students.
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Reflections on being an upstander, reconnecting with the past and being high

This past week of Purim was a good opportunity to review the positive aspects of the people-growing business. Our Grade Six class spoke eloquently and openly about what kindness looks and feels like as they led the Pink Shirt Day assembly. The school was a Sea of Pink and the focus on making positive choices in dealing with others underscored the message of being
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Service to multiple communities: published in the Prizmah magazine Hayidion

Our school is located on a road where there are several independent and faith-based schools. Administrators cultivate strong relationships among the neighboring schools. They meet regularly; security issues are discussed with local police departments; students work on projects and play sports together. Collaboration is a leadership disposition modeled by all stakeholders among the schools. Student learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom and
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February updates

Our school year has a number of cycles.  We began with adjusting to new grade levels, the High Holydays and then Winter Break.  The current time period is one of intense teaching and learning as students consolidate and build on their previous learning as they grow physically, emotionally and intellectually.  The rainy season includes more indoor days as our fields and grassy areas are
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2017 Wrap Up

It’s hard to believe that first term is done and we’re already looking forward to 2018!  We have another new beginning as we start the secular new year.  I have enjoyed my first months at Richmond Jewish Day School and look forward to the remaining months as the search for a permanent school principal continues. There has been growth and learning occurring as our children build
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November updates

Good news! Richmond Jewish Day School recently completed a successful Ministry of Education Monitoring visit and will continue to receive its government funding. The BC Ministry of Education Curriculum updates will bring some changes to the report cards that we are presently using.  As a team, the teachers have begun the process of transitioning to a new format. The first parent teacher conferences are
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Thank you for the warm welcome!

Thank you for the warm welcome as the Interim Principal at Richmond Jewish Day School.  There are a number of connections with families that have been at public schools in Richmond where I have previously been school principal (and teacher).  There is a Jewish saying that “beginnings are the most difficult” yet being the newbie has been more comfortable with students explaining what I
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