Edible Education

Dear Families, Continuing its pattern of pouring rain in the morning and clearing up in the afternoon, the weather cleared up just long enough yesterday for the long-awaited garden sale / farmers market. Grade 4/5 students practiced their best shuk Hebrew as they haggled with parents and friends over the sale price of agvaniyot , gezer or oogat kishuim. I guess you know that
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Dancing on the shoulders of memory

Dear Families, I wrote last week about childhood memories about the holidays. I wanted to save one particular memory to share with you this week, in honour of the holiday of Simchat Torah which we will celebrate this Friday, because I think it is one many of us can relate to and offers much food for thought. Simchat Torah, which means “Rejoicing with/of the
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Sukkot memories

I think more than any holiday, Sukkot holds the most interesting and fun memories for me, and the nice thing is, the memories keep on coming. I remember the year it snowed like crazy on Sukkot in Montreal, in early October (!), when I was a little kid, and the schach caving in. I remember sitting in my father’s sukkah, which was built on
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Holy bake sales

The day is short, the task is great, the master is insistent. It is not your duty to complete the task, but neither are you free to desist from it.” -Pirkei Avot, 2:21 The day is indeed short, and Shabbos is coming, and there is still much to do as Friday comes to a close at Richmond Jewish Day School, so I will keep
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Happily Ever After

RJDS is proud to present Happily Ever After, our yearly school play, directed and produced by our inimitable Freddy Somers and performed by students in grades 5, 6 and 7.  Our school plays are a real highlight of the year, as students get a chance to shine and bring out their best. Kindly share this post with friends and family, and call or email
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Reason #4 to choose RJDS: Everyone counts

Reason #3 to choose RJDS: Soul matters

Reason #2 to choose RJDS: Teachers care

Reason #1 to choose RJDS: Small works

This is the first in a series of ads profiling our school that will be appearing in local community papers and online.  We want your feedback and support – spread the word, and share this on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you are on…

So you think you can dance?

Our students definitely do!  A big yasher koach and mazal tov to our incredible student dancers who participated in yesterday’s Festival Ha’Rikud.  It was an amazing show, and for those of you who have never been, I encourage you to check it out next year, even if you don’t have your own kids dancing.  The Festival is an incredible ruach (spirit) builder for all the participating schools and for
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