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Continuous Learning Plan for March 30 – April 3

Continuous Learning Plan for March 23 – 27


March 30, 2020

Good morning families,

As I look back on the first week of continuous learning, I want to share with you how I would like to move forward for this coming week.

First off, I want to thank all of you parents for supporting your children in their education in these extraordinary times. I hope you are finding “down time” for yourself and the family – one that refreshes your energy, feeds your soul, and keeps your spirits uplifted.

Last week went well considering all the newness and change in routines that we are all facing. The kids seem like they’re holding up and taking things in stride. However,  if there’s anything I can do to ease concerns, clarify expectations and just be there to chat – don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll set up a personal Zoom meeting with your child.

For our daily, whole-class check-ins, please do all you can to see that your child is present for these meetings as it helps with the sense of connection and community that we all need at this time. They should only be 30 – 40 minutes long. I will schedule small group meetings for more personable, focused times from time to time. Please check your email, and remind the kids to check theirs, for invitations. If for whatever reason they cannot attend, just send me a quick message so I know it wasn’t because of a communication breakdown.  Thanks.


I would like to make sure all students have access to the Choice Boards on the RJDS website so they know what activities they are to choose from. I have added “Share With Me” on those off-line activities. They can share by taking a picture on Seesaw (or a phone) video taping a message on Seesaw to me and/or sending me things via email.

I am expecting all students to visit IXL to work on math activities as I have the ability to see detailed information on their activity and progress. If they are not working on IXL, I will contact you personally to find out what they are doing in math.

Students should be reading daily – visit Epic!, Newsela, Brain Pop or read from a real book – I should be getting feedback from them daily on their reading activity. They can communicate with me via Seesaw – they have an inbox to send me messages.

Students should be writing daily. There’s a journal on Seesaw they can write on, or they can write in their Bellwork journals, and then record themselves reading it via Seesaw.

I just added Currents4kids as a Social Studies/current events option – they read articles and take quizzes to check for comprehension – very much like the Canadian Reader. I will be expecting all of them to visit the site and complete at least one article.

And one last reminder – please check Weebly at least once a day as Riki and I will add things on there when new learning opportunities arise.

Have a wonderful rest of this sunny day, and we’ll be in touch!

NOTE: I will see all the girls at 9:00am on Zoom to discuss the “Pioneer Sisters” novel, and the rest of the class at 11:00am.



Dear Parents,

I hope this email finds you well and in good health.

Thank you to all those who joint us last week for the virtual Challah bake. I really enjoyed seeing all of you and loved seeing the beautiful Challahs that came out.

I hope that the first week of learning from home went well despite being a new, and certainly challenging situation for everyone. I was really happy to get pictures, assignments and even videos from the students.

This week, please G-d, our class will meet on Monday at 1:00 PM via zoom to see each other, to share and to laugh together. I look forward to hearing from all the students about how the first week went, to go over the ‘Choice Board’ and plan the upcoming week.

Additionally, on Wednesday at 1:00 PM we will meet again for a virtual Pesach game.

I will send the link for Zoom the night before, by email.

Expectation for this week:

To open the Hebrew choice board and check out the assignments for this week:

1 – Starting their day with 15 minutes of the morning prayer, as we do in class.

Every day is another entry into our weekly raffle for a $20 Amazon giftcard.

Mazal tov to Hila (grade 3) for winning last week’s raffle!

2 – At least 10 minutes (daily) of Hebrew reading. Any Hebrew text qualifies, but I’ve included some links in the Choice Board for your convenience.

3 – Pick a daily Hebrew/Judaic assignment to do.  Please email [email protected] at least one written assignment and one speaking assignment by Thursday night.

4 – Attend the zoom meeting on Monday and Wednesday. If you can’t make it, please let me know in advance.

Thank you and looking forwards to seeing all the students on Monday!

All the best,

Morah Riki