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Thank you for supporting Richmond Jewish Day School!

Join us in supporting our children, our teachers, our community – our school. Support our Annual Giving Campaign, give online today!  If you would like to purchase these amazing greeting cards, please contact Adi Chen or call the school at 604-275-3393

At Richmond Jewish Day School, we believe in our mission to graduate confident, well-rounded, ethical and independent children who are well prepared to grow into thoughtful, committed and fully engaged members of the Jewish and broader Canadian communities. This year, through funds raised in our Annual Giving Campaign, we will:

  1. Provide affordable Jewish education to all segments of our community;
  2. Support students with special needs and learning challenges; and
  3. Renew investment in educational technology to benefit all students

Every donation, regardless of size, makes a difference in allowing our school to grow, thrive, and prepare our students for a bright future.  Help us build the school that our students deserve, and join us in supporting this year’s Annual Giving Campaign!

Todah Rabah, and thank you in advance of your support!