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5 important reasons to come to Meet the Teacher Night

We all know that fall is a super busy time of year, and then we look at our calendars and see Meet the Teacher Night. Many of you already feel you may know the teachers, the school, etc., but here are 5 important reasons it is important to be at RJDS at 6:30 on Monday night:

  1. Send your child a message that you care … and the teacher is working with you. This may be the most important reason to attend. You’ll show your child that you are interested in their experiences as a student and in what they are learning. If the child knows that you and the teacher have connected and you’re both on the same page, your child will know that he/she is accountable at both ends and he/she can be further encouraged to take greater ownership for his/her learning.
  2. Start a one-on-one dialogue with the teacher. Although this is not a formal meeting, it’s a time to ask any general questions or provide the teacher with any critical information that will benefit your child’s learning throughout the year. It’s a time to connect and get a sense of one another and begin the relationship.
  3. Learn about the teacher’s communication strategy. By meeting the teacher you will get a sense of her teaching style as well as her communication strategy. Teachers will explain how they plan to interact with students and parents throughout the year, whether by letters, emails, agendas, or blogs
  4. You will see firsthand what students will be learning, how they’ll be learning and what is expected of them. Get a glimpse of the timetable, routine and curriculum breakdown of what will be covered throughout the year.
  5. Understand homework expectations and evaluation practices. Learn about homework and organizational expectations, as well as what students need to bring to school to be successful and what you should expect to see at home. Get the facts from the teacher and be in the know … your child won’t be able to keep you in the dark.

Morah Ronit


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