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As we approach the final days of the school year, we begin to pack and prepare for summer break. It won’t be long before the school routines of a new school year are again before us.

It has been a busy year of daily life for both work and school. RJDS staff spend many additional hours volunteering to enhance the educational opportunities for students. These events include the Zimriyah, school play, choir, Israeli holiday celebrations, art projects, dancing, and sports team coaching.   Our parent community works hard as active members of PAC, completing volunteer hours around the school and as members of the Board of Directors.

This school year we need to say thank you and farewell to three staff members who are leaving our school community. Rachel Berko-Gabay has spent two years teaching Hebrew/Judaics and French with Library at RJDS. Dana Whelan has taught Physical Education and worked as an educational assistant for the past year. Both will be moving on to new opportunities. Jessica Hailstone, another educational assistant will be pursuing studies to become a teacher. Thank you for your contributions to our school. We are also temporarily saying good bye to Dara Campbell (Nelson) who will be on maternity leave for the next year.

There are always improvements that can be made in both the academic and Judaic/Hebrew programs. Building maintenance and enhancements are required and a new playground is also a wish list item. All this must be done ensuring we operate within our budget. We look forward to further technology, musical instrument and learning material purchases. Grade six students are already looking forward to sitting on two new wooden benches that are a legacy gift from our graduating class. These benches can be flipped over and used as  balance beams and will be utilized as sports team benches. Thank you to the Class of 2018.

To our students, who are our focus: Thank you for keeping us young!

Thank you also…

for your stories, for your questions, and for sharing your problems

for your smiles, ‘hellos’, ‘high fives’ and your waves

for your pictures and art work

for showing good sportsmanship and for considering the feelings of others

for being prepared to learn and for your successes

for lending a helping hand and for fundraising for good causes

for including others and for being respectful

for taking risks and admitting mistakes and for being optimistic

Richmond Jewish Day School is a one of a kind school! Thank you for being a part of this school community. I have enjoyed my year as the Interim School Principal.


Patrick von Hahn


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