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I was invited to do tashlich with grade 3 this week at Garry Point Park.  It was cold, it was windy, it was a perfectly sombre setting to symbolically “cast off” our sins of the previous year in the flowing waters of the South Arm of the Fraser River.  I tried to do tashlich for myself as well, but I couldn’t fit all of
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Untouched purity

“When the Greeks entered the Temple, they defiled all of the oils. After the Hasmoneans defeated them, they searched and found but one cruse of oil, untouched and sealed with the seal of the High Priest. The cruse had only enough oil for one day, but a miracle occurred and they were able to light from it for eight days. The following year they
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Avraham Avinu pre-Instagram

I signed up for Instagram a few weeks ago (don’t ask).  Not that I don’t have enough to do in my  life, or enough distractions, but I’ve been looking at how to start to use its platform, along with Facebook and Twitter to promote the school and our programs to the wider community.  And let me tell you, Instagram is a crowded marketplace, filled
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Under the mountain

On Thursday, we had a visit to the school from an artist who had donated a number of his paintings to our school last year.  Usher Hammer, along with his wife Rose, came to see how his artwork, which focuses heavily on letters of the Alef Bet along with precise geometric shapes, was doing in its new home.  We walked through the school and into some
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The beard as billboard

Out of the 613 mitzvot and innumerable customs and traditions that shape the daily life of the traditional or more observant Jew, a number of them have to do with how we must look (i.e. dress, head wear, hair, etc.).  Wearing a kippa, for example, is supposed to mean that you stand for something greater than yourself, and a recognition that God is above.
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