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Sukkot memories

I think more than any holiday, Sukkot holds the most interesting and fun memories for me, and the nice thing is, the memories keep on coming. I remember the year it snowed like crazy on Sukkot in Montreal, in early October (!), when I was a little kid, and the schach caving in. I remember sitting in my father’s sukkah, which was built on the tiny, rickety, third floor balcony of our Outremont triplex, along with over a dozen people, petrified that it would all come crashing down but having too much fun to really care. I remember the taste of my mother’s halushka’s (meat & rice-stuffed cabbage rolls) on cold, wet sukkot nights, and watching the steam escape into the night air in the sukkah. And I remember all those years walking to shul with a lulav and etrog, seeing all my neighbours do the same, and thinking how very odd we must seem to people driving by, even though to us, it was so beautiful.

Usually, memories of holidays are relegated to childhood memories, but with Sukkot, I get to build the memories, each and every year – literally. The experience of being with your family in a sukkah that you helped build is incredible, and I know that the parent volunteers who help put up our school’s sukkah each and every year feel the same way. The school’s sukkah looks terrific and inviting and warm, all qualities of a good sukkah and a good home. I can’t wait to be with you all at the back-to-school barbecue in the sukkah on Monday, at 5:30 PM. The Grade 7’s learnt in class today that the Torah actually instructs us to be b’simcha, to be happy and joyous, all seven (in our case eight) days of Sukkot. I bless you all with being able to fulfill this commandment to the fullest.

Since I have the bully pulpit, I want to remind you all of two other things happening soon that you are all invited to:

  1. The Tishrei assembly, on Wednesday, September 25th at 9:00 AM. PAC is cordially sponsoring coffee and cookies for the parents, grandparents and friends who will attend.
  2. Meet-the-Teacher night is on Monday, September 30th at 6:30 PM. It’s your chance to get to meet your kid’s teachers, discover more about the what and how they will be learning over the course of the year, and ways to partner best in your kids’ education.

Chag sameach to all of you from us here at RJDS,

Mar Abba

Our school sukkah


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