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The Tzedakah Allowance Project has been launched at RJDS!

What is the Tzedakah Project, you ask? It is to “foster a vibrant community of people who celebrate, value and act on the importance of giving Tzedakah by creating rewarding charitable experiences resulting in more money going to Jewish charities.”

Ariel Lewinski and Judy Boxer-Zack provided an introduction a few weeks ago and grade six and seven students participated in a survey to start them off. They were asked questions about charitable giving and many students will be participating in a Harvard study on children’s likelihood to be charitable in their future.

Every month, students at RJDS in grades six and seven are receiving $18 each, from donors to this project. Then the students are deciding which Jewish and general organizations they would like to donate to. So, the students pay no money out of their own pockets, but get the experience researching and discussing which charities are out there, and also learning how to allocate funds. For January, grade seven chose Make-a-Wish and grade six chose RAPS – Regional Animal Protection Society.

It may not seem like a lot of money, but $18 per student, per month can really add up. Thus far, grade seven has donated $216 and grade six has donated $270. The students of grade six were so inspired by their first experience that they decided to start a campaign and collect towels when they found out that RAPS could really use some.

So, please donate any of your used (but clean) towels, when you see the posters up around school advertising this campaign!


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